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E-scheduling REQUEST

   Email your request to work @ CSC Miami events (online)


Instructions when using e-scheduling request system...

When using the program, you are requesting to schedule for upcoming events.

All requests are scheduled on a first come first serve basis along with incoming telephone calls. You will be able to request to schedule online until 10pm weeknights only. Any e-scheduling requests sent after "5pm" will be answered the following business day.

When an event is full & you log on, you will see a blank page stating NO EVENTS CURRENTLY AVAILABLE to schedule.

We encourage our staff to submit their requests as early as possible due to limited availability.

If you have scheduled to work an event through E-scheduling Request Program and must cancel for the event you MUST call the Scheduling Department 24 hours in advance of the event in order to cancel.

CSC Scheduling Department reserves the right to fill your requests as needed if you request to work two events on the same day!!

Times of E-scheduling Request & Confirmations

Supervisors - Monday, 10am-5pm

Licensed Security (must have license # on file with CSC Office) - Monday, 11am-5pm

Club & Suite Staff - Monday, 12pm-5pm

Event Staff - Monday, 2pm-5pm

Ushers & Ticket Takers - Tuesday, 10am-5pm


Due to an excessive number of requests being sent by employees, you will receive a confirmation of your approved schedule no later than the next business day.

If you do not receive your confirmation by the next business day, please contact the scheduling department to confirm if you were scheduled for any events. Please do not assume that you are automatically scheduled for the events you requested, if you show up to work an event and are not scheduled for the event, YOU WILL BE SENT HOME WITHOUT PAY!

(It is the employee's responsibility to check their confirmations in the inbox of their email account. CSC scheduling is not responsible for confirmations being sent to Spam or Junk mail inbox.) It is very important to save any confirmations as a contact.

Please arrive 15 minutes before the start time in your confirmation.(Note: Your start time in your confirmation is your sign in time!)


**Please do not call the scheduling department to make your schedule if you have submitted a schedule online. Please wait for your confirmation.

** Consistent No Shows and Cancellations will restrict your access to e-scheduling.

**CSC Scheduling Department reserves the right to restrict access to any employee not using e-scheduling properly and that employee may continue to call in to create a schedule.


To Gain Access to E-scheduling Request. Please contact Julie Webster via email & have your info below ready:

  • Employee #
  • Full Name
  • Email Address
  • And the Last four digits of your social security number



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